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Best Bath Pillow for Straight Back Tubs To Get A Relaxing Bath

The best bath pillow for straight back tubs can fix the issue of slippery bathtubs, where you find it hard to get into a position where your body is fully supported.

Soaking in bathtubs after a long day is pure bliss, but it can get frustrating trying to relax in the bathtub in the evening while you are constantly bothered by your body slipping around.

A bathtub pillow can be much more comfortable to lie on compared to your bareback against the cold tub. A straight-back bathtub has a hard surface that will do more harm than good if you do not use a fitting bathtub pillow.

And of course, everyone wants to be as comfortable as possible when relaxing in the bathtub. Thankfully, most bath pillows we tested in the market were really well made with their high quality suction cups, thick padded foam, and quick air dry capabilities.

Therefore, any of the pillows you get below will be a luxurious bath pillow that will give you the comfort you need!

Best Bath Pillow For Straight Back Tubs Reviewed

Essential Features in Best Bath Pillow for Straight Back Tubs


Best bath pillows feature suction cups that help attach the cushion to the tub to not slip off the tub. Higher quality or more number of suction cups are usually better


High-quality bath pillows feature the 3D air mesh technology for air circulation, allowing them to dry quickly after use


Top-notch bath pillows come with hooks that can hang them conveniently to dry faster.

The following list has the best bath pillows for straight-back tubs to compare.

Best Bath Pillow For Straight Back Tubs – Top Pick

1. Bath Haven Bath Pillow & Spa Cushion

Check Latest PriceDo you need a bath pillow to hold your head, neck, back, and shoulders with a soft cushion when taking your bath in a straight bathtub?

With this premium quality bath pillow, you will get support for your sensitive joints and core muscles. This bath pillow will help you relax your muscles and ease tension since they are soft and comfortable.

In addition, any muscle aches that you may be experiencing will heal over time after you purchase this bath pillow.

The Airmesh Technology and 3D ventilation that allow fresh airflow. The fresh airflow will make it dry faster and keep it cool for a comfortable sleep.

This bath pillow has six suction cups that get it fixed to the bathtub, ensuring that it does not move off the tab when bathing.

It also comes with a washable machine bag and a pillow carrier bag. Thus, you can always carry your best bath pillow for straight back tabs.


Best Bath Pillow For Straight Back Tubs – Most Sturdy Grip

2. Gorilla Grip Spa Bath Pillow

Check Latest PriceGorilla Grip Spa Bath Pillow will help you to experience comfortable baths in a more relaxing state. The pillow is designed so that it will not slip into the tab during the baths.

In addition, the pad has a comfy headrest and neck support that will help ease neck pains. That relaxed state on a spongy cushion will also calm your mind to reduce stress thanks to the 2-inch luxurious padded foam.

It has seven suction cups that ensure that the pillow does not slip off the tub during bath time.

The pillow is 14.5 by 11.5 inches to help you to support your back, shoulder, neck, and head.

Waterproof material makes it a waterproof bath pillow. So you only need to wipe it after a bath, and it will dry fast.


3. COALA HOLA Bath Pillow Bath Tub Spa Pillow

Check Latest PriceThis bathing pillow will help to support your head, neck, back, and shoulders in a straight back bathtub. With the COALA HOLA pillow, you will not slip off the bathtub since it comes with strong cups below the headrest.

It comes with white color and an inner filling of four extra-thick materials that support the head, back, neck and shoulders.

The bath pillow features strong suction cups to ensure it gets attached to the tub firmly. In addition, two of the cups at the headrest provide stability and comfort.

Comes with a gift bag.


Best Bath Pillow For Straight Back Tubs – Most Ergonomic

4. Kandoona Luxury Bath Pillow Bath Tub Technology

Check Latest PriceWith the Luxury Bathtub Pillow, you will enjoy top-class neck and back support in the bathtub. It comes with ergonomic neck support to ensure that it does not slip off the bathtub.

Furthermore, the relaxing mode on the luxury bath cushion will allow you to read or browse on your phone comfortably. The ergonomic neck support makes it suitable for when you want to relax.

The bath pillow comes with a 3D breathable mesh that is soft and thick, unlike some other thinner bath pillows. The 3D mesh allows air circulation in the pillow and ensures that it dries quickly.

It comes with six extra vacuum suction cups to ensure that the pillow does not slip off into the tub.

This luxurious bath pillow comes with a washing bag, and you can purchase a separate mesh bag at a discount.


5. Sierra Concepts Ergonomic Heavenly Bath Tub Pillow

Check Latest PriceThis bath pillow is suitable for headrest, neck, shoulders, and back support in the bathtub. Using this ergonomic bath pillow, you will ease the pressure from your head, neck, back, and shoulders.

The ergonomic materials usually make the best soft bath pillow that is more comfortable to relax on. Just like the name portrays, you will have a heavenly feeling in the bathtub.

You do not need to adjust the pillow frequently since it features suction cups that keep it attached to the tab.

The pillow has six non-slip suction cups to prevent it from swaying on the tub and comes with ergonomic materials that are suitable for relaxation.

It also has a 3D air mesh fabric that circulates air in and out of the pillow. The airflow ensures that you don’t feel any awful smell from the pad. 3D air mesh makes it easier to wash and dry.

The bath pad gets attached to a hook that you can use to hang the bath pillow to dry.


6. AmazeFan Bath Pillow, Bath Tub Spa Pillow

Check Latest PriceYou can use this particular bathtub pillow to support your head, neck, and shoulders in the bathtub. The AmazeFan bath pillow will give you comfort after a long and tiresome day at work.

The pillow has a 2-panel design that is reliable for supporting your head, neck, and shoulders simultaneously. Once you dip your sore neck into the bath cushion, you will enjoy luxurious comfort.

This pillow features seven upgraded large suction cups. These cups ensure that the pad does not slip into the bathtub.

The unique 4D mesh fabric technology allows air circulation for the pillow. Therefore, you will not get any bad smell due to this innovative technology.

The pad is machine washable and comes with an inbuilt hook that you can use to hang the pillow to dry.


Best Bath Pillow For Straight Back Tubs – Most Versatile

7. Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow

Check Latest PriceThis bathtub pillow supports the head, neck, shoulders, and back when bathing in your bathtub. Besides, this full-body bath pillow ensures that you are comfortable while in your bathtub.

The Everlasting comfort bath pillow has a side pocket where you can put all your bath accessories. Therefore, you don’t have to be getting in and out of the bathtub to grab your things constantly.

Strong suction cups hold the bath pad tight to the bathtub. Allowing you to fully relax. The pillow has a breathable mesh covering allowing water in and out, making it easy to wash. The mesh also allows the circulation of fresh air when drying.


8. Samplife Bath Pillow Spa Bath Tub Cushion

Check Latest PriceRegardless of what kind of bathtub you have, you can always choose the Samplife Bath pillow since it will fit. You can use this bathtub pillow to rest your head, neck, shoulders, and back.

Besides, it will be an excellent pillow to use when tired from a long day of work. Your sore neck and the pressure from your head will all relax after lying on this luxurious best bath pillow.

It comes with four extra suction cups to ensure that the pillow does not slip into the tub, and also comes with 3D air mesh technology similar to the other products reviewed above. Has a handy hook you can use to dry the pillow.


9. AEROiVi Bath Tub Pillow Headrest Bath Pillows

Check Latest PriceThis particular pillow fits in any shape of the tub, whether it’s a Jacuzzi or spa. In addition, it has four suction cups that ensure that the pad does not slip off the tub.

The pad comes with two panels of ergonomic material to improve comfort. It comes with a 3D air mesh to allow good air circulation and a hook for drying.


Final Thoughts

You now have the best information to decide on what kind of pillow you need. A good spa bath pillow will prevent you from hurting your back with a rough straight-back bathtub.

All the products we reviewed had strong suction cups and does not slip around when in place. They are all great pillows, but our top recommendation is the AmazeFan Bath Pillow because of its unique 4D air mesh.

After a relaxing bath, there is no better way than to relax by watching tv in bed.


1. How can I be more comfortable in a bathtub?

A bathtub pillow is definitely the first thing to try, as you will get rid of the only thing stopping you from enjoying a spa bath session – slipping around. Bathtub pillows are worth the investment, especially if you love taking long baths.

2. How can I clean my spa bath pillow?

You should check the product labels as each might have its own care instructions. You can clean your bath pillows by using a gentle detergent on the bathtub cushion and rinsing it off thoroughly.

Then, hang them to dry in the open air. If the stains persist, you can try using baking soda to do a spot-clean.

3. How do I remove the suction cups from the bathtub?

It can be hard removing the suction cups if you are pulling the wrong way. You can easily remove suction cups by lifting the edge of the removable suction cups. That should release the air and the suction cup should be easily removable