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Best Thai Triangle Pillow (Kapok Mattress) For Sleeping On The Floor

A Thai triangle pillow is a multi-purpose pillow, and it’s perfect for small rooms. It’s so in demand because one can use it as a chair, pillow, and even as a mattress. A Thai pillow can also be called a Kapok mattress.

They’re manufactured in such a way that you can easily fold them and move them around. 

The Thai triangle pillow helps you elevate your knees while asleep. There are many health benefits you can reap from sleeping on the ground. It promotes a healthy posture and good spinal alignment.

If you have a pet, when you get a kapok mattress, you can start hanging out your dog on the ground, without worrying about the hardwood floor again!


Best Thai Triangle Pillow & Kapok Mattress

Important Features to Consider When Buying a Thai Triangle Pillow

The best Thai triangle pillows should have certain features or qualities that make them worth the price. These features are:

1. Portability

The 100% natural Kapok stuffing is used to manufacture the best Thai triangle pillows. As a result, the pillows have no weight, and you can easily move or carry Thai triangle pillows.

This quality makes it suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

2. Durability

The triangle pillow has a stable structure that maintains its shape or form even under a heavyweight. They are durable because they can spread your body weight evenly across the pillow when you sleep on them.

However, if the kapok stuffing becomes weak, that can make the triangle pillow collapse.

3. Pillow Materials

Thai triangle pillow are made using a completely natural, organic pillow filling. This eco-friendly filling is good for your home and the world. The natural Kapok fiber is cotton-silk, and it is acquired from tropical Kapok trees.

4. Cleanability

This cushion should be easy to clean. They can be hand-washed with cold water and dried through tumbling on low heat. To remove tiny stains, you can gently dab the spot with water but avoid rubbing the silk textiles.

Top Four Thai Triangle Pillows Reviewed

1. Lewadee Foldout Triangle Cushion and Mat

Check Latest PriceLewadee Rollable Floor Mat is our top recommendation out of the four products. This cushion is 67 inches wide, 31 inches deep, and 13 inches tall when spread out. It can easily be folded for easy movement and storage.

On the other hand, the floor mat measures 31 inches wide, 22 inches deep, and 20 inches tall. Both were manufactured using 100% organic kapok, which is a breathable fiber.

This cushion makes seating pleasant and comfy. It can be used as a pillow, yoga mat with a wedge for reading, and neck support.

This cushion is extremely comfortable because it has double seams and a cotton cover. It can also be used outdoors and inside the house.

This product has a sophisticated make and was made using excellent Thai craftsmanship. Due to its foldability, it doesn’t occupy much space in storage.

Lewadee is a Thai brand that’s prominent for its stylish yoga cushions.


2. Avran Kapok Classic Triangle Cushion for Back and Floor

Check Latest PriceThis Thai triangle cushion measures 13 inches in width, 7 inches in depth, and 7 inches in height. It is made with a cotton-woven covering and an assortment of weaves and motifs.

It has sectioned, cushioned sides filled with kapok fiber and sewn in a way that will produce a triangular or pyramid shape.

One can use it in several ways, such as a backrest recliner, pillow for sleeping, or a decorative house item.

This cushion provides many benefits and is ideal for yoga exercises, relaxation, or just meditation while sitting on the floor.

It was specially manufactured to be sturdy but yet soft and comfortable. The manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee period spanning 30 days.


3. Lewadee Trifold Kapok Mattress

Check Latest PriceThis product has measures 79 inches in width, 31 inches in depth, and 3 inches in height when folded out. However, it measures 31 inches in width, 20 inches in depth, and 13 inches in height when folded in. Its thickness is 3 inches.

This Kapok Thai mattress was produced using organic kapok fillings. It’s stable and comfortable for seating. Furthermore, it can serve multiple functions as a mat for massage, a seat for relaxation, and even a guest bed.

You can comfortably sleep on it and it can also use it for outdoor activities such as camping. It has cotton covering and double seams, and it’s good for the body, especially the back.

This kapok mattress can be washed with your hands, making cleaning easy. The downside is that it is only available in blue color.

You can return the product in its original state to the company for either a refund or replacement within 30 days, which states the company backs their products.


4.Lewadee Rollable Floor Mat

Check Latest PriceLast on the list is the Lewadee Rollable floor mat. It is a small floor mat with a measurement of 79 inches in width, 20 inches in depth, and 2 inches in height when spread out.

It is 13 inches in width, 13 inches in depth, and 20 inches in height when rolled up.

Its thickness is 2 inches. This Thai futon mat is made using 100% kapok, a breathable fiber that ensures your seating is comfortable.

You can use it as a relaxation or yoga mat, guest bed mattress, or a daybed. Furthermore, this mattress allows you to use it outdoors and indoors. It has cotton covering and double seams, which make it comfortable and support the ankles and knees. It’s available in a variety of colors.


Final Thoughts

These are some of the best Thai triangle pillows you can buy. They offer you quality for your money. You can use them as either a pillow, cushion, mattress, or floor mat, which is even more beautiful.

In addition, they provide great support for your back and your whole body, making it easier to lay down on your floor.

The top recommended pick is Lewadee Rollable Floor Mat because it ranks higher than the others. The budget pick is obviously Avran kapok classic triangle cushion for the back and floor.

Frequently Answered Questions

1. How do you Clean a Thai Triangle Pillow or Kapok Mattress?

Because this product is water-resistant, you should clean up water spills as soon as they occur. Then, remove the covering and allow the pillow or mattress to dry before usage. It shouldn’t be dry-cleaned.

2. What are the benefits of these products?

Thai triangle pillows are made of Kapok fiber, which is hypoallergenic, has anti-microbial properties, and is resistant to dust mites!

Since it’s water-resistant, it repels humidity and reduces the chances of developing mold, bacteria, and mildew.

It’s also great for sleeping, relaxation exercises such as yoga and meditation.

They are versatile and can be used as a mattress, floor or massage mat, and cushion, making them a great multipurpose product.

3. Are there other alternatives for sleeping on the ground?

Using the Thai triangle pillow should be very comfortable. If you need a thicker, wider floor mattress, you can try using a Japanese futon mattress.