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Using a Pillow with Ear Hole To Get Rid Of Ear Pain

Pillow with ear hole are useful for a myriad of reasons, including reducing ear and neck pain. These pillows help remove pressure on the ears and allow you to sleep soundly at night, whether from CNH pain or from a recent ear piercing.

If you are experiencing pain in your ears, neck, or even your head, this pillow will benefit you. A pillow with an ear hole has holes in the pillow to fit your ear and distributes weight around your ear. This gives you relief from ear pain and allows you to sleep better.

Generally, side sleepers are affected the most when having ear pain due to sleeping on the side. Sleeping on the side with regular pillows will exert pressure on your ears, making it a painful experience.

Back sleepers and front sleepers are affected less as their ears are not directly on the pillow when sleeping. To help you with your ear pain, we have reviewed the best pillows with ear hole to aid your recovery!

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Best Pillow With Ear Hole For CNH and Ear Piercing

Important Features to Consider While Purchasing Pillow With Ear Holes

Certain features are important when choosing pillows, especially a uniquely designed one like this.


The first thing you should think about is the pillow filling. The firmness and comfiness of the pillow are largely determined by the material used when making the pillow.

Some such pillows could be enormous or have large ear holes, but they may be made cheap. CNH pillows are available in cotton, memory foam, and other materials.

Pillow loft

The pillow’s height is an important feature as it determines how well it distributes neck pressure during sleep. A pillow with an adjustable loft is preferred for customizability.

Size and Placement of Ear Holes

Another important consideration is the ear hole size. A pillow with ear hole sized too small is worse for you, as there is even more pressure on your ears when laying down. Ear holes that are too big will not distribute the weight of your head evenly, making it uncomfortable.

Best Pillow with Ear Hole Reviewed

We have reviewed the top pillows made with high-quality materials in detail, starting with the PureComfort Slide Sleeping Pillow, which is our top recommended product. It is easily the best value-for-money option among the products we reviewed!

1. PureComfort – Side Sleeping Pillow

Check Latest PriceDesigned exclusively for people who sleep on their sides, this is one of the few pillows that will guarantee the complete elimination ear pain. It can even relief neck pain if you continue using it regularly.

When you use this pillow, you will be able to rest your ears much more comfortably than you would with any regular pillow. This is thanks to the ear cutouts to support your ear when sleeping.

Furthermore, its ergonomic design minimizes general discomfort. In terms of quality, this pillow isn’t your run-of-the-mill memory foam pillow; it is made with CertiPUR Certified memory foam, which means it is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

In addition to its unique design, it has a completely customizable system. You can alter the height of this CNH pillow using the provided height inserts and customize it to your personal liking.

This CNH pillow effectively reduces neck pain and ear pressure and pain; you will not get better results from an innovative pillow like this.


2. BLISSBURY Ear Pillow with Ear Hole for Sleeping

Check Latest PriceIf you have CNH or experience ear pain after sleeping, this is another excellent solution. This unique pillow has two ear holes on the pillow, giving you options to sleep on both your left and right side.

Besides, this is a CertiPUR-US verified pillow with a luxurious bamboo cover that makes sleeping very comfortable and provides a smooth surface to relief your ear pressure.

Most notably, it is manufactured using cool gel-infused memory foam. The gel particle technology reduces heat retention and helps maintain a certain level of coolness while you sleep. This is especially beneficial for those who live in hot climates. Although it has cooling properties, you can rest assured that the gel is designed to only help with hot climates, and it does not make you feel colder in colder climates.

Furthermore, the size of this pillow differs from that of a standard pillow. It’s roughly 26 inches long, which is considerably large. And it has adjustable firmness. So, you can move around and find comfortable positions on all sides.

After using it for the first night, you will notice a reduction in the stiffness of your neck. After a few weeks, your sore ears and neck discomfort will be gone!


3. DMI Side Sleeper Pillow and Body Pillow

Check Latest PriceThis DMI pillow is designed in a U shape to completely cushion the body, especially the head, ears, neck, and arms.

This is particularly useful for side sleepers since it alleviates ear pain while giving you soft, cradling comfort when lying on your side. The ear hole is filled with a cooling ergonomic ear liner that keeps you cool and calm at night.

If you can sleep comfortably with one sleeping position and want to be free of any ear or neck pain or pressure, this cooling pillow will do wonders for you. Moreover, this pillow is fluffy but strong, with an adaptive and supporting cotton filling to ensure an improved night’s sleep.

It also includes a detachable pillow cover that is gentle on skin and hair. You will be able to sleep peacefully against it all night. In terms of upkeep, the case can be readily removed and machine cleaned.

All in all, this works perfectly as a CNH pillow or an ear piercing pillow.


4. Pinklilycare Side Sleeping Pillow

Check Latest PriceHere, we have another great pillow with ear hole. It may not be as distinctive visually as some of the others, but it ensures great results.

When it comes to getting a peaceful night’s sleep, this is an excellent choice. It has a soft filling with a flat design, which makes the top choice for people looking for a lower loft pillow with ear hole.

Additionally, the opening in the center of the pillow fits precisely, allowing you to rest your aching ear in a position free of friction and irritation.

This innovative headrest comes with a zipped pillowcase with an ear hole. Furthermore, the case is simple to remove for washing and clean thanks to it being machine washable.

One of its only drawbacks, its smaller size, can also serve as a positive attribute. Smaller people tend to find it difficult when trying to find a pillow that suits their size. If you are a smaller person hunting for a smaller pillow, this pillow will work well.

Furthermore, this pillow is great for reducing upper body pain, including ear sores like CNH, neck pain, and more. Considering everything, this pillow provides great support if you’re looking for a smaller-sized pillow with holes that can treat your ears.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sleep on the side without hurting my ears?

If you are a side sleeper, the first step is to try other sleeping positions, such as sleeping on your back, to relief ear pain. If you love to sleep on your sides, you can use one of our recommended pillows with an ear hole to aid your pain.

Are pillows with ear hole good for ear pain?

Yes, they are. These pillows are specially designed for ear pain and should help you tremendously in getting a good night’s sleep. If the issues persist after sleeping on these pillows for a couple of weeks, consult your doctor for medical advice.

Final Thoughts

It is often surprising how much pain we can experience doing something we take for granted day-to-day – sleeping. The amount of pressure we put on our ears during sleep is especially apparent when we have ear pain.