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Best Car Neck Pillow For Long Drives and Road Trips

Are you searching for the best car neck pillow to ease your neck and back pain while on the road? Do you want to feel comfortable during long-distance driving? Then, you are in the right place. We have reviewed the top car neck pillows on the market.

We enjoy long car trips and reach different destinations. However, it gets tedious on our necks and backs. Plus, most car headrest does not provide support and comfort required.

Using a supportive neck pillow also provides us with long-term effects like improving our overall posture. Fortunately, we tried several car neck pillows that helped us stay comfortable while driving or riding the car.

So, if want to get rid of a sore neck and body pain while on the road, it’s time to get yourself the best car neck pillow. Let’s start this review!

Best Car Neck Pillows Reviewed:

Important Features We Look for in this Review

A car neck pillow may seem like a quick and easy purchase. However, with so many options on the market, the selection process can be overwhelming. Remember that not all car pillows are the same and you need to choose which one best suits your needs.

Here are the essential pillow features we look for in this car neck pillow review:

Level of Support

The car neck pillow’s level of support is one of the key considerations during the selection process. After all, the neck pillow must make you feel comfortable while you are in the car. Opt for a firmer cushion so that your neck is supported and you don’t get back pain from using car pillows.


We have also considered the material the neck pillow is made out of. Some pillows are made of latex, which can cause a health issue if the user has a latex allergy. Travel pillows that deliver high performance and satisfying results are made from memory foam.

Memory foam is incredibly soft to touch and conforms to the body’s contours to maximize comfort. It can provide neck or chin support and does not lose its unique shape or flatten out over time.

Ease of Installation and Removal

Some car neck pillows are difficult to install and can be frustrating to work with. So, it is critical to go for a car pillow that has an adjustable elastic strap that is easy to install and remove, particularly if you switch between vehicles often.

Ease of Cleaning

Next we have the ease of cleaning; Determine if the neck pillow can only be spot cleaned or if it can be machine washable. While they are machine washable, you still need to be cautious when washing them. Using washing machines can change the shape of the car pillows if they are not made well.

Best Car Neck Pillow for Daily Use

Do you plan to use car neck pillows often? Don’t worry; we have reviewed top options that will meet your needs. Check out the best car pillows for daily use below:

1. Aukee Memory Foam Car Neck Pillow Soft Leather

Check Latest PriceThe Aukee Car Neck Pillow comes with an ergonomic design with a convex, unique shape. Not only it’s made from memory foam, but it also comes with leather covers! As a result, you get a car pillow that is sturdy and supportive.

The leather cover makes the neck pillow firmer while contributing to the overall elegant style and look. It has a convenient, hidden zipper that promotes ease of removal.

This memory foam pillow has tiny holes on its surface, allowing air to circulate. These holes also make the neck pillow breathable and reduce sweating. The outer cover is machine washable, but you need to be more extra careful when washing it.

The back features an elastic strap alongside a buckle on end, allowing you to fasten it to the car seats with ease. This memory foam pillow is designed with double elastic bands, enabling easy height adjustment. This car pillow also has two extenders to extend the elastic band’s length if you have a bigger car.

This travel pillow comes in various color options: black, gray, and beige, with a dimension of 9.8 x 7.3 x 4.3 inches.


2. SAMSONITE Neck Pillow for SUVs

Check Latest PriceThe SAMSONITE Neck Pillow combines luxury and comfort. It is a must-have item when traveling and made from 100% pure high-grade memory foam.

So, you can expect your neck to be supported fully even while driving on bumpy roads.

This stylish neck pillow provides pain relief in the neck and back areas after falling asleep while on the road. The ergonomic shape boosts circulation around and in the neck.

Furthermore, the robust memory foam within the pillow effectively absorbs terrain shocks, including rough roads, postholes, and driving situations and obstacles that can jostle the neck.

Since it is also made for SUVs, it is an excellent solution if you are concern with car safety besides a seat belt. The memory foam base easily adjusts to the curves and shapes of the neck, shoulders, and head for optimized support and reduced muscle tension.

This car pillow has an adjustable strap, allowing you to secure it for a long run, and you do not need to worry about slipping or sliding. The adjustable strap also makes it a universal fit so that you can attach it to any headrest size.

Additionally, the cover is removable, which promotes quick and easy cleaning. This car pillow is also machine washable.


3. CHABAO 2 Pack Neck Car Seat Neck Pillow

Check Latest PriceThe CHABAO Neck Car Seat Neck Pillow is another car pillow that is ergonomically designed. Therefore, it comfortably supports the neck and head while maintaining proper posture. The design makes the overall driving experience safer and more comfortable.

This comfortable pillow fits the seats snugly, relieves driving fatigue, and minimizes the potential development of cervical spondylosis. We appreciate the memory foam inside the car pillow because it will not deform easily.

The outer cover of this pillow is breathable and removable. Besides being removable, it is also machine washable. The headrest’s back part comes with velcro straps, allowing it to stay in place with no issues. You can also adjust the neck support position based on your height.

This travel pillow is not only suitable for cars, but you can also use it at home or office. This car headrest pillow is compatible with 95% of vehicles, such as small to medium-sized trucks, vans, sedans, or SUVs.


4. Dreamer Car Neck Pillow with Adjustable Straps

Check Latest PriceThe Dreamer Car Neck Pillow may come in an unusual shape, but it is very useful during travels. This car pillow is specially designed to relieve neck and back issues.

It is made from high-grade memory foam, which effectively absorbs pressure and distributes body heat. This material also provides the proper support for the neck and back.

The thickness of this ergonomic pillow is enough to keep it ergonomic and super soft. The memory foam car pillow quickly adapts to the neck and then returns to its original shape once you move.

The removable cover is made from two materials: a polyester shell and an inner layer of cotton. The polyester is easy to wash and offers excellent resistance, while cotton is breathable and protects the foam.

We like the adjustable elastic strap alongside buckles because we do not struggle with the installation. After we guided the elastic strap around the car’s headrest, we buckled them up, and voila!

As mentioned earlier, this ergonomic pillow comes with a bit odd shape. The shape is like a butterfly, but we find the upper part thicker compared to the lower.

The dimensions are 10.83 x 9.45 x 5.51 inches, which is a bit larger than other car neck pillows out there. Overall, the, travel pillow is elegant and high-end and provides reliable neck and head support.


Best Car Neck Pillow for Ergonomic Shape

The car pillow’s overall design is a critical factor when it comes to comfort, head and neck support, and a good riding experience. That is why you need to consider the pillow’s ergonomic shape. Below are the best car neck pillows with ergonomic shapes:

5. WAQIA Car Seat Headrest Neck Rest Cushion

Check Latest PriceThe WAQIA Car Neck Pillow is made from high-quality memory foam filling that does not off-gas. The memory foam will also not turn hard in cold winter months.

Since this travel pillow is ergonomically designed, it provides excellent neck support.

We appreciate that the travel pillow is made from soft and breathable fabric. So, users have nothing to worry about sweating or overheating. When you lie on this neck support cushion, it feels light to the skin. Plus, the cover is easy to remove and machine washable to keep the pillow clean.

The ergonomic pillow can be used in cars, homes, or even offices. It is suitable for kids, adults, and those who always suffer from neck pain when traveling. The car pillow is ideal for car sleepovers and long trips. The entire pillow is built to support the neck while encouraging appropriate sitting posture.

The ergonomic design provides all the necessary comfort and support you need. It follows the body’s natural curvature and supports the neck and lumbar areas. This travel pillow is highly supportive and comfortable, making it ideal for driver and passenger seats.


6. Dollox Car Headrest Pillow

Check Latest PriceThe Dollox Car Headrest Pillow is known for its dependable and comfortable ergonomic design. The ergonomic U-type and streamline perfectly fit the body shape and curve.

It delivers comfortable head, shoulder, and neck support. The car pillow also reduces the chance of developing neck numbness or pain while driving and riding a car.

This travel pillow is made from robust memory foam filling, where it gets back to its original shape. It is soft, easy to carry, and non-smelling. We feel comfortable and relaxed after putting out heads on the car neck support pillows.

The soft, breathable pillow cloth cover comes with smooth surface treatment, so it will not hurt your skin. The cover’s back part comes with a zipper, making it convenient and easy to take the memory foam out when cleaning and washing of the cover are required.


7. Canler Car Neck Pillow for Neck Pain

Check Latest PriceThe Canler Neck Pillow provides extra support to people struggling from neck stiffness pain while on long-hour road trips. It fits the neck’s crook and provides support to the neck, shoulder, and head.

It also prevents stiffness and pain in the neck, making the overall driving or riding experience more comfortable.

This travel pillow allows adjustments in four directions based on the needs, including backward, forward, downward, and upward orientations. So, you can drive in the most comfortable position.

This car pillow is fixed onto the headrest’s metal poles, filling the gap effectively and preventing pushing the head far away.

When it comes to the installation process, this car pillow comes with a one-click design. You do not need to use any tools to assemble the neck support. The package includes one car pillow, three pairs of rubber pads, and a product manual.


Best Car Neck Pillow that Looks Cute

A car neck pillow comes with is important for neck support, but it doesn’t have to be boring! There are many different car neck pillow designs, including fun and cute looks. Here are the best car neck pillows that look cute:

8. Estel Cartoon Cute Panda Plush Car Neck Cushion Pillow

Check Latest PriceThe Estel Cartoon Cute Panda Neck Pillow is made from plush that provides comfort even on long trips. It is fluffy and cute, adding personal taste to your car.

It is available in different facial expressions: a smiling face with a pink cheek and a sad face with no pink on the cheek.

If you want this cute travel pillow to fit on the headrest and without stretching the elastic band too much, you have to remove the headrest to slide the car pillow in.

This travel neck pillow does not only reduce muscle tension and provide neck support; it also serves as a decoration in the car’s interior and a great gift during special occasions. The dimensions are 9.05 x 6.69 inches.


9. Cherish 2Pcs Cartoon Car Neck Pillow

Check Latest PriceThe Cherish Cartoon Car Neck Pillows are perfect for traveling and home use. The outer material is made from super soft flannel, while the internal material is made from high-quality and environmentally friendly cotton.

These headrest pillows are not only cute and squishy but also help relieve both neck stiffness and pain. They have an ergonomic and hyperbolic design, which improves the neck support while driving.

So, you will not experience any neck stiffness or pain during long-distance travel.

These memory foam pillows provide multiple uses since they are suitable for car seats, office seats, home chairs, and travel. The cartoon pattern is cute and attractive. They are easy to install, remove, and clean.


10. RETON 4Pcs Cute Panda Neck Pillow

Check Latest PriceThe RETON Cute Panda Neck Pillows are made from high-quality cotton. The material is soft, comfortable. It is also machine washable.

The lovely and cute panda design of these car neck pillows comes with elastic bands on their back. These pillows help improve your overall journey on the road as they provide support for adults a child’s neck alike to prevent stiffness or pain.

You can use these travel pillows in the car or at home as they comfortably support your head and neck. The package includes four pieces of panda car neck pillows.

The dimensions are 26 x 18 x 11 centimeters.


Car Seat Wedge Cushion to Complete the Set

Decided on a car neck pillow? Need premium support for your car rides? Check out the best car seat wedge cushion that will complete the set!

11. ComfySure Car Seat Wedge Pillow

Check Latest PriceThe ComfySure Car Seat Wedge Pillow is made from 100% therapeutic-grade memory foam padding that molds body type and shape.

This wedge pillow is built to deliver maximum support and comfort. It is ergonomically designed to relieve pressure sores, sciatica, tailbone, and coccyx pain.

This wedge pillow is not only suitable for vehicles; it is also great for armchairs, office chairs, and airplane seats.

Since it is lightweight and easy to carry, you can enjoy comfortable car rides or drive long hours. The plush velour cover is easy to remove and machine washable.

With a safe and secure grip, you have nothing to worry about slipping or sliding. It promotes minimal movements while you are driving; very important to ensure you are not distracted while driving.


Final Thoughts

The primary purpose of a neck car pillow is to deliver comfort and support when driving or riding in a vehicle. Car neck pillows are effective at relieving chronic back and neck pain due to driving. Hopefully, the products above and the pillow features will help you choose which best suits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use a car neck pillow while driving?

Yes, you can use a car neck pillow while driving as long as you are sure you won’t fall asleep. It helps keep the neck in the proper, comfortable position for driving and does not push the head forward or falling forward. As a result, you can focus and stay alert on the move.

How long does my car neck pillow last?

The answers depend on how you take care of it. Your car neck pillow can last for many years with proper use and maintenance. It is also long-lasting if made from high-quality materials such as memory foam.

Can a car neck pillow avoid whiplash?

If you use a car neck pillow while traveling on the road, it can reduce whiplash slightly because it fills the gap between the neck and the car seat. That being said, it is definitely not replaceable with the protection seat belts provide. Wear your seatbelt folks.

What are other accessories I can get for a comfortable drive?

Besides the memory foam car neck pillow and wedge pillow, you can also look for lumbar support for cars to get full-body support when you are driving.

Although we want to be as comfortable as we can while we drive, be sure to get pillows that move around as little as possible, as distractions while driving can be dangerous.

Besides that, having a car set up that is so comfortable could entice you to fall asleep while driving long distances, so remember to take frequent breaks on your road trips!

If you are heading for a camping trip, be sure to check out our best camping pillows review!