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Best Vibrating Alarm Clock for Deaf People And Heavy Sleepers

Tired of being woken up by a blaring alarm clock? What if you could wake up to a gentle vibration instead? That’s the idea behind the vibrating alarm clocks.

If you are the type of person who needs help waking up in the morning, or someone who has trouble hearing their normal alarm clock, consider buying a vibrating alarm clock. They are much easier to sleep through than an audible alarm.

Plus, they come at cost-effective prices that no other best alarm clock options can offer! Read on to find out which is the best vibrating alarm clock for you today.

Vibrating Alarm Clocks Reviewed

What is a Vibrating Alarm Clock?

Vibrating Alarm ClockA vibrating alarm clock is an alarm clock that has a bed or pillow shaker built into it instead of loud noise. Normally, the vibrations are gentle enough to wake you up out of your sleep without disturbing anyone else in the room.

What Types of vibrating alarms are there?

There are two types of vibrating alarms: bed or under-the-pillow vibrating alarm clocks and wristwatch alarms.

Bed vibrating alarm clocks is usually placed under the pillow or under the mattress. These come with adjustable vibration levels, so you can choose one that suits your needs best.

Wristwatch alarms are worn like a regular watch. They vibrate around your arms gently when the alarm is sounded, waking you up without disturbing others.

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Who can use a Vibrating Alarm Clock?

Although these vibrating clocks can be used by anyone, some people benefit greatly from this alarm clock.

Heavy sleepers who struggle waking up

Some people just have a hard time waking up. If you’re a heavy sleeper who has difficulty waking up in the morning, vibrating alarm clocks may be the best thing for you.

Combining both sound and vibration of your alarm clocks an extra nudge in the morning and should wake you up better.

Deaf person or the hearing impaired

Unless a hearing aid is worn, people with hard of hearing will likely sleep through the standard alarm clock. A vibrating alarm watch or vibrating alarm clock will act as better daily alarms.

Those who are sensitive to sound or light

Those sensitive to sound or light may need a gentle alarm clock that will not startle them awake with a beeping alarm. Vibrating alarm clocks provide a perfect solution as they can be set to very gentle vibrations that will not startle their user.

Those sharing a bed with partners or roommates

If you often wake up your significant other unintentionally, then you definitely need a vibrating alarm clock.

This can be used as a personal alarm that only you can feel and is great for people who share beds and do not want to disturb anyone else in the room.

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What are the important features of the best vibrating alarm clock?

There are many features to look for when choosing the best vibrating alarm clock. These include the vibration strength, battery, and brightness dimmer.

Vibration strength

The strength of the vibration is crucial as it determines how effective the alarm will be. Alarms that shake with a strong vibration function are great, but they produce a lot of noise at the same time, potentially waking up their partner or roommates.

Luckily most vibrating alarm clocks have adjustable vibration strength. To find the best vibrating alarm clock, set it at a low vibration and check if you can turn up the strength without waking everyone else in the room.

Battery life

Another important feature of the best vibrating alarm clock is its battery life.

Most under-pillow alarms require 2 AAA batteries to run. Some use rechargeable batteries with USB charging, but most can be plugged directly into the wall outlet for use.

Brightness of LCD screen

Finally, the best vibrating alarm clock should have an adjustable dimmer for the LCD screen. Since these vibrating clocks are placed close to your body and face, this helps to reduce brightness while you are sleeping, which reduces disturbance while sleeping.

Best vibrating alarm clocks for heavy sleepers

1. Sonic Bomb EXTRA Loud Alarm Clock

Check Latest PriceWake up with a Sonic Alert alarm clock. Period. This powerful bed shaker wakes even a very heavy sleeper using really loud alarm sounds and strong vibration power.

The Sonic Bomb has a 113db extra-loud sound alarm with adjustable tone & volume control, packaged with a powerful 12-volt bed shaker that vibrates your mattress to wake you up!

Your bed will literally shake, and you won’t be able to escape the vibrating alarm function even during a power failure, thanks to the built-in battery backup.

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock is a simple yet effective device that will help you wake up on time. This innovative alarm clock features an adjustable snooze mode and flashing red lights to get you out of bed.

Another great thing about the Sonic Bomb Extra Loud alarm clock is the 5-level light dimmer, which allows adjusting the screen to your liking, so you can fall asleep easier.

With its easy-to-use interface and great features, Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock is a must-have for any deep sleeper and the hard of hearing alike.


2. USCCE Vibrating Dual Alarm Clock

Check Latest PriceThis USCCE Alarm Clock with bed shaker is the perfect gift for people who are hard of hearing or heavy sleepers.

It features a bed shaker that vibrates underneath your pillow to wake you up, with up to two alarms that save different times, so you don’t oversleep.

The alarm clock has a USB charging port on the back for powering your phone or tablet at night, and it’s also equipped with a 0-100% light dimmer so your room can pitch black when you go to sleep.

If the power ever goes out, the backup battery included will keep your alarm clock running, allowing you to wake up on time even without electricity.

This is a great alarm clock for heavy sleepers. The 3-level adjustable shaker will wake you up with a vibration or sound and has the option to combine the two.

Set the time and date easily with clear buttons, and the snooze function can be pressed easily with the big snooze button on top.

The alarm clock has a big display that shows the time clearly, so you don’t have to squint at it when you’re using it as a countdown timer to get out of bed.


Best alarm clocks for deaf people and hearing impaired

3. Roxicosly Super Loud Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

Check Latest PriceWake up on time with the Roxicosly Super Loud Alarm Clock! The Roxicosly is perfect for heavy sleepers, hearing-impaired deaf, or anyone who needs an extra loud alarm to wake up on time.

This Roxicosly clock is one of the best vibrating dual alarm clocks, and it features a bed shaker, USB charger, a 7.5’’ display, and dimmer for a night light.

Stop worrying about wearing hearing aids while sleeping because you can feel the vibration alarm function and wake from a deep sleep with ease.

The Roxicosly Alarm Clock is the ultimate alarm clock for people who want to wake up in a new way. It comes with a shaker and a buzzer alarm, so you can choose the one that suits your needs best.

The Roxicosly Alarm Clock also has two alarms, so you split your alarm schedule into weekday alarms and weekend alarms.

You can easily reach the snooze button even if you are sleeping on your side by just pressing the easy-to-reach, big-sized snooze button for an extra 9 minutes of sleep!

In case of power failure, you can use 2 AAA batteries as a power backup.


4. Mesqool Vibrating Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

Check Latest PriceThe Mesqool Vibrating Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker is a great option for heavy sleepers and the hearing impaired.

If you’re the type of person who needs to be jolted awake to get out of bed or if your hearing is impaired, this alarm clock is perfect for you.

It has various features designed specifically for heavy sleepers and people with hearing difficulties in mind.

The Mesqool Vibrating Alarm Clock has a bed shaker that can be used separately or with the buzzer sound to wake you up. The loud alarm comes with 3 preset levels and can be adjusted easily.

You can also pick which color lights you want on at night so it won’t keep you up all night, and your kids will love the variety of colors available to choose from!

The vibrating alarm clock plugs directly into wall outlets for power. It’s great that even if the power goes out, there’s still an option available since the battery backup takes over seamlessly.

The numbers are extra-large and easy to read, and this clock has large LED lights that are easily readable from a distance. The alarm clock comes with two generous USB charging ports instead of the regular one.


Best vibrating alarm watches for sleeping with partners

If you sleep with your partner, getting a bed vibrating alarm clock may wake your partner up. Vibrating alarm watches allow you to have a personal alarm clock and wear it on your wrist.

These alarms are designed to be worn like a watch and are best for waking up without disturbing sleeping partners.

5. TechTools Vibration Alarm watch – Shake N Wake

Check Latest Price
The battery-powered TechTools Vibration Alarm watch is the perfect way to wake up on time without waking your partner. It’s also highly recommended if you have trouble hearing or are aging to get an extra jumpstart on starting out for work!

This is a great product that will help you wake up on time and be more productive. It’s dual-usage as a wrist alarm clock and an under-the-pillow vibrating alarm clock.

While it doesn’t look as fancy as an apple watch, this seemingly big watch has a soft, comfortable band made with high-quality material feels lightweight in your hands, and provides long-lasting comfort.

There are two modes that you can easily switch between – audio and vibration alarm. Turning the vibration alarm on should wake you well, but turning both modes on will give you the premium shake n wake experience.

What makes this vibrating wrist alarm clock stands out is the ability to set appointments and reminders on the watch. Set daily alarms for reminders and appointments with ease, either through a vibration alarm or a sound alarm.


6. Fitbit Inspire 2 Health & Fitness Tracker

Check Latest PriceAlthough not solely an alarm clock, the popular Fitbit Inspire 2 Health & Fitness tracker can wake you up using vibrating alarms.

The Fitbit is exactly what a fitness enthusiast needs! If you are a lover of sports and fitness, then you can kill two birds with one stone with the Fitbit Inspire 2 Health & Fitness Tracker.

It has an alarm clock feature that can vibrate you awake, plus it gives you all the data on your activities to help you live a healthier life.

The Fitbit Inspire 2 also has water resistance, so you can take it with you for your shower or swimming. It is dust-resistant, making it the best choice for those who engage in dirt sports and activities.

Because of all its features and capabilities, the Fitbit Inspire 2 is more than just an alarm clock: it’s a smartwatch that allows you to monitor your heart rate and sleep quality. You can even be alerted to incoming texts or calls from people important to you!


7. Shock Clock 2 Silent Alarm Clock

Check Latest PriceNow for the extremely heavy sleepers that can sleep through earthquakes, we have the Shock Clock 2.

This vibrating alarm watch might be the most intense alarm clock in the world. It uses a small shock pad to deliver enough electricity to wake up even the most devoted sleeper.

The Shock Clock 2 is a vibrating, beeping, and zapping alarm clock that will wake you up in the morning. The six wake-up modes include zap (electrical shock), beep (loud noise), vibration, and three combinations of both.

Heavy sleepers surely wouldn’t be able to sleep through this alarm. This alarm clock is perfect for someone who just can’t seem to get up in the morning.

If all else fails, turn on the jumping jack mode and force yourself to do jumping jacks before the alarm gets deactivated.

It’s not all just crazy stuff, though; the Shock Clock 2 has a built-in sleep tracking function that will record your sleep activity to the Shock Clock mobile app so you can learn more about yourself and sleep.


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the most important thing to consider when purchasing an alarm clock is the sleeper’s comfort. For light sleepers, a quiet beeping noise might work best.

However, something more intense like the Shock Clock 2 would probably work better for very heavy sleepers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do if I am still sleeping through these alarm clocks?

You can try using multiple vibrating alarms, but the effect will be diminished. Try to explore the different combinations of alarms, such as the sunrise alarm clock + vibrating alarm clock.

If you have extreme difficulties sleeping, consult your doctor or a sleep expert for qualified medical advice.

Can I get hearing loss from the loud alarms?

Super loud alarms can harm hearing loss, especially if you are wearing a hearing aid and have the clock sitting beside your ears. Be sure to adjust and test the volume before using it.