Lady with injured leg in cast trying to elevate legs with a pillow

Best Leg Elevation Pillow for Improved Circulation and Injury Recovery

Our work influences our daily activities, and for most of us, we spend a lot of our time sitting. Sitting for a prolonged period can lead to your leg swelling and poor circulation. Choosing the best leg elevation pillow such as a wedge pillow is a fantastic way to kick back and relax while increasing blood flow and reduce swelling.

When you elevate your legs, you alleviate pressure from your lower back by improving your spinal alignment. Furthermore, the natural contours of the elevation pillow also provide you with full leg support and can relieve swelling in your legs.

Not only that, but an elevating pillow can also help with post-surgery recovery and can even provide pain relief for knee pains. Users with acid reflux can also reap benefits from this comfortable pillow.

As a support pillow, these need to support your legs comfortably. Thankfully, the leg elevation pillows are usually made of a high-density foam core, with fillings such as premium memory foam.

Here are our honest reviews for leg elevation pillows; for when you finally decide to buy one, let’s begin!

Best Leg Elevation Pillows Reviewed

Important Features Look For In This Review

Since a leg elevation pillow can help you get better health, finding the right one matters. We need to consider certain features to pick which one is best suitable for our requirements.

Pillow Filling

Leg elevation pillows come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and firmness and are made from various materials. The most important thing to look for is a comfortable, firm foam that can keep your entire leg elevated without sinking or sagging.

Having a pillow made of breathable material such as memory foam will help you regulate your body temperature and help you sleep better.


Nobody wants a dirty pillow, and more than that, nobody wants an added hassle every time you do cleaning or laundry. This is why the pillowcase is also on top of our important features list.

Opt for a hypoallergenic cover to make sure you don’t get allergic reactions to the pillow. If you like to keep things clean, be sure to look for one with a washable cover, preferably if you can wash them in a washing machine.


The portability of the leg support pillow is important. Chances are, if you are looking for a leg elevation pillow, you are trying to alleviate pain from an injury and have limited mobility.

Having a portable and lightweight leg wedge pillow will make moving around the house hassle-free. Look out for the weight and dimensions of the product. Some of the best leg elevation pillows will come with a carry handle for easy transportation.


Sizing is another important factor for leg elevation pillows. There are pillows for different purposes; some support one leg, while others support the entire body. Be sure to check the size of the pillow that is suitable for your use.

Best Leg Elevation Pillow for After Knee Surgery

1. LightEase Memory Foam Leg Support and Elevation Pillow

Check Latest PriceThis elevation pillow addresses specific surgery concerns from knee replacement to hip replacement. Since this elevation pillow is specifically designed for injuries and surgeries, this makes it a must-have leg pillow for all your post-surgery elevation and knee pain recovery.

What differentiates this leg elevation pillow from the others is its clever design that provides dual handles. The handles allow easy repositioning when lying in bed or sofa and easier carry around like going up and down the stairs.

We love how this speeds up recovery time by 30% as its 45° incline improves blood circulation, which effectively reduces swelling and alleviates leg pain, all the while providing comfort.

And if you ever get another leg injury, this elevation pillow can last you years because it’s made from a premium quality memory foam layer that will stand by you or, shall I say, elevate you through the years.


2. PureComfort Adjustable Leg, Knee, Ankle Support, and Elevation Pillow

Check Latest PriceIf you use additional recovery items that help you and alleviate your injury, like cold or hot packs, you just found the item for you.

With its custom channel design, this leg elevation pillow allows that. The features facilitate healing and recovery as it is design-specific for all your leg, knee, and ankle injuries.

This leg elevation pillow is fully adjustable. You can fine-tune the pillow to your specific comfort preference for your leg. It comes in standard and small sizes.

Furthermore, these are made without any harmful components such as flame retardants, mercury, lead, heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates – perfectly breathable and hypoallergenic.


Best Leg Elevation Pillow for Improving Blood Circulation

3. Lenora Leg Elevation Pillow

Check Latest Price

This pillow has a unique creative ergonomic adjustable elevation feature. The leg elevation pillow provides targeted support for your legs, with a curved ridge to cradle your calves and comfort your knees and legs.

Since it is height adjustable, it will fit most people no matter the height.

Overall, this leg rest pillow is a practical support choice for those looking to recuperate after leg, knee, hip, or ankle surgery.

It is great for reducing back, knee, leg, and hip pain, and helps with alleviating post-surgery pain by reducing swelling, allowing you to sleep restfully.

This leg elevation pillow from Lenora offers you excellent support and undisturbed sleep, especially when you’re injured. You are sure to wake up feeling rested with its high premium density and medical-grade memory foam.


4. The Lounge Doctor Elevating Leg Rest Pillow

Check Latest PriceNever stack pillows again to improve blood circulation, The Lounge Dr. Leg rest pillow to the rescue!

We love this leg rest pillow as it is so well made that the gradual incline provides a comfortable place for calves. Everything was well-thought-of in creating the design for this.

The size is perfect for those with larger leg casts and can be used any time of the day. With the products premium materials, it can provide excellent support and comfort for your legs.

The product is also sturdy enough to retain its shape, built, and firmness for long-term use.


Best Leg Elevation Pillow to Relieve Back Pain

5. Bekweim Long Leg Elevation Pillow

Check Latest PriceAre you suffering from back pain and restless nights? Elevating your legs fosters proper posture and blood circulation to relieve your back pain.

This leg pillow helps restore lymphatic flow, reduce swelling and strain off the lower back. It also helps with restless leg syndrome, phlebitis, and heel sensitivity.

Finding the perfect leg elevation pillow that fits your size is challenging. This leg pillow is a one-of-a-kind cushion on the market, offering extended full-length leg support. You can choose from two great heights, “Long” or “Wide.”

Sleep and wake up with zero back pain as this pillow guarantees a whole night’s comfort for you with its non-slip bottom that allows you to change positions & maintain the same support easily.

You can use it for almost all of your lounging activities, whether you’re sitting, watching television, or simply sleeping.


6. Lightease Foot Elevation Pillow

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Here’s another Lightease pillow that we highly recommend. The Lightease Leg Wedge Elevation Pillow can help you if you want to keep your legs elevated at the right height and improve blood circulation at the same time.

When you need pain relief, this should be your go-to pillow. This elevated pillow helps relieve pressure from your back, relaxes the spinal cord, relieves edema and varicose veins pain.

This leg elevating pillow can be used to prop your feet comfortably when sleeping, watching TV, reading, or as a post-surgery support pillow, post-pregnancy pillow, and more.

Have a good night’s sleep with its zero-gravity resting experience for your legs.


Final Thoughts

Whether or not you’re recovering from a surgery or injury, elevating your legs can benefit your health in a lot of ways.

A leg elevation pillow is the answer to improved blood flow, reduced inflammation, reducing varicose veins, and faster recovery time post-surgery.

Using this pillow will make your dealings and lounging more comfortable.

Our say? LightEase Memory Foam Elevation Pillow for your post-surgery needs, Lenora Leg Elevation Pillow for improving your blood circulation, and Bekweim Long Leg Elevation Pillow to relieve your back pain.

Cheers to comfort, more relaxing days, better health, and a faster recovery period!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do elevation pillows work?

Leg elevation pillows are an excellent choice of support for people recovering from leg, knee, hip, or ankle surgery. When you elevate your legs, gravity will help your body circulate blood better.

Using an elevation pillow for support will help ensure that your legs and feet are raised to the angle and height while keeping you comfortable and can relieve pain while providing better blood circulation for quicker recovery.

Which leg pillow is the best?

The leg pillows reviewed above are the best in the market, but you should choose carefully depending on the features you are looking for. If you are injured, chances are you are not showering as often.

Therefore, a machine washable cover is highly recommended, as this will help cleaning a breeze, especially if you have limited mobility due to an injury.

Besides being machine washable, you should look for a comfortable memory foam with optimal density to ensure it can support your legs fully.

What is the best height for a leg wedge pillow?

The best height for the pillow is one that suits you. When laying down and using any leg elevation pillow, your legs should be above your chest level, and you should have no strain or pressure on your lower back.

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