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Best BBL Pillow to Off-load Pressure on Your Butt

BBL surgery helps to get that desirable curvy bottom of your dream, but there is one downside – you can’t sit on your butt normally for quite a while. Picking the best bbl pillow for recovery will allow you to rest peacefully with a sore booty from the newly transferred fat cells.

A BBL booty pillow boasts a special design to keep your butt area elevated when you sit down and put the pressure on your thighs instead.

If you’re looking for a BBL pillow for a car, we would recommend the Bootylicious BBL pillow. The AOSSA BBL pillow is the top-recommended pillow for sleeping and sitting during the post-BBL recovery process.

Let’s get into the details!

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Best BBL Pillows Reviewed

Important Features To Consider When Looking For The Best BBL Pillow

When buying BBL pillows, we have to consider a few things other than the price in order to get the best product from the market. We made sure to do that for you already!

Here is what we suggest you look for when you go shopping for one of these.

Material and Quality

You should carefully look into the materials that were used in making the BBL recovery pillow. Most pillows are made using a special combination of memory foam and regular foam.

Always prefer the ones made of premium-grade materials. It needs to be durable and comfortable. However, don’t pick something that’s too soft and sinks easily under your body weight.


BBL pillows come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, so you have to pick one that suits your butt the most. It has to be large enough to perfectly hold your bottom. Otherwise, it just defeats the purpose.

We would recommend getting something that features an ergonomic shape for deriving the most comfort.


A lightweight and portable BBL pillow is always preferable because it will allow you to carry it everywhere you go. As a result, you will be able to sit anywhere, whether it is your car seat or office chair!

Best BBL Pillow For Sitting

Take a look at our reviews of the most comfortable BBL pillows that are guaranteed to help you with your recovery from butt lift surgery.

1. Bootylicious Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery Pillow

Check Latest PriceGive your buttocks a chance to rest comfortably without ruining the results of the butt lift surgery with this incredible Brazilian butt lift recovery pillow.

The Bootylicious BBL pillow excels at keeping your bottom from touching the surface while shifting the pressure on your thighs!

This one won’t sink easily, thanks to the firm foam used in its construction. You will find it super easy to clean whenever it gets too dirty. Approved by doctors, you can’t go wrong with it!


2. AOSSA BBL Pillow After Surgery

Check Latest PriceAfter the Brazilian butt lift surgery procedure, performing even the normal activities becomes too tough to handle.

However, this BBL pillow can make your life easier by allowing you to sit and even sleep comfortably.

Its unique hollow-molded design makes it perfect for sitting and sleeping in various positions.

You can freely lay on your side with this thing placed under your body to stay relaxed. Your butt will thank you for sitting on it, considering how comfortable it feels, making it worth your money.


Best BBL Pillow For Sleeping

3. Ultra Comfort Brazilian Butt Lift Pillow After Surgery

Check Latest PriceThis Brazilian butt lift pillow will make sure you don’t have to sit or sleep on your stomach all the time after BBL surgery.

Just place it under your thighs and experience sitting in comfort!

This doctor-approved product is designed to offer firm support and keep your body balanced when you sit, giving you relief from pain in the process. You would love its fantastic back support as well!


4. YESINDEED Brazilian Butt Lift Pillow

Check Latest PriceThe YESINDEED Brazilian butt lift pillow effectively shifts the pressure from your butt to your thighs when you sit down.

This BBL cushion won’t collapse even under 220 pounds of pressure. You can carry it anywhere you want thanks to its lightweight design and the addition of a free drawstring bag!

Once you bring it home, you can say goodbye to having to lay on your stomach to save your butt after the BBL surgery procedure!


Best BBL Pillow For Driving

5. Bootyful Curves BBL Pillow After Surgery with Back Support

Check Latest PriceThe Bootyful Curves Brazilian butt lift pillow can be the perfect companion for your delicate booty recovering from BBL surgery.

It will prevent your butt from ever touching the surface of the chair, car seat, floor, or wherever you sit.

It comes with better body contouring to enhance your sitting comfort and relieving pressure. The 50D memory foam and back cushion adds to the level of comfort it provides. Feel free to go for it if you want guaranteed relief from sitting pain!


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need a BBL pillow?

If you want to sit at all after your BBL surgery, then you absolutely need a BBL pillow. That’s because you are forbidden from applying any sort of pressure on your butt after the procedure.

This type of specialized pillow can take the pressure away and allow you to sit without risking damaging the newly implanted fat cells from the surgery.

Check out this video on how to sleep with a BBL pillow:

If you need something bigger, you can get a BBL mattress.

Can I drive while sitting on a BBL pillow?

Well, you can’t sit normally on your car seat while recovering from Brazilian butt lift surgery.

However, placing the BBL pillow on the car seat will enable you to sit behind your wheels without harming the results of the procedure, and therefore, you can drive without any issues.

How long should I use a BBL pillow?

Ideally, you should keep sitting on the BBL pillow for as long as it takes you to recover. It may take you a couple of weeks or more. It’s best to take advice from your surgeon or doctor to be absolutely sure!

How can I make my recovery faster?

Time is the best medicine. If you already have a BBL pillow and want to be even more comfortable during the recovery period, it is not a bad idea to consider other post-BBL recovery essentials.

Final Thoughts

When recovering from Brazilian butt lift surgery, using a BBL pillow is a must unless you’re okay with not sitting for a long time. And that’s nearly impossible!

Our recommended BBL pillows are all excellent for keeping your butt comfortable by allowing you to sit without causing any pain. Feel free to go for any of them!